1. Emergence

From the recording Emergence

I was thinking about how the impact of oil has changed so much in the US, with the "emergence" of huge players in that field.
It then re-emerged to me, that "Man" is NOT the provider, no matter how much he thinks he is, wants to be, or wants you to think he is. OK, now many people will say that now I've made a political statement, AND a Spiritualy based one as well. Maybe, I am giving more information than necessary. The piece could have been called "Imir Gents" and it may still be titled that on an upcoming CD/album. By the way, the horse is not Arabian, which would have been more in keeping with the idea here. It's a Morgan, named Bo Brumel and is owned by my cousin Bill Parkhurst and his wife, Claudia. Was it coincidence that I had already published a piece named Forever Spring, only to later learn that the name of Bill's farm is "Forever Spring?" I like to think of it as Providence, just helping with the journey. Enjoy the music!