Relaxing solo guitar music with rich accompanying orchestrations.

This is one of the most listened to, and frequently thought of, as the most peaceful guitar music available. Inside is over one hour of music including, The Season, and Autumn's Glory, a Grammy Award Candidate!

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Timely... - David Parkhurst Crane

And now..pure serenity,



A must own collection of soothing and comforting music: Gently...  Ever want music to play when you'd like a quiet, peaceful presence in the house ? This is the popular choice! It's quiet guitar music, with tasteful orchestrations, providing a special ambience and creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Play it softly, when the TV is off, through the speakers. Gently... is a quiet instrumental album and has won many admirers for it's quickly familiar and peaceful melodies. You can click on these buttons to preview, also buy it.

Gently... - David Parkhurst Crane

People have told us if there was only one album they could have of the millions available to hear everyday--they may very well choose music of David Pankhurst Crane. All David's music is available at iTunes, CdBaby, Rhapsody, Amazon.com etc. Click on the "Listen" menu tab to hear selections from Gently...

Guitar Tabs!

We've posted three beautiful guitar tabs for guitar players and they're still FREE. (Also includes sheet music) You can hear how they sound on this site also so -no guessing on what it sounds like. Of course feel free with all the music you play and express it the way YOU like. This is more beautiful guitar music and if you play the guitar, here's a great opportunity to pick up some beautiful guitar tabs (free) for those quiet evenings. Just click on "Tablature" on the menu at top right.) ***Don't forget! Please join the email list, near the top of this page!   We'd like you to hear news we can share, and will keep your email address private! We simply wish to keep in touch- so join in.