<b>Making Me Look Good!</b> 

This is a thank you email for your music which was used for the slideshow movie about Yellow Springs 37th Annual Art Exhibition. The show runs about 6 minutes and can be found on the internet on YouTube under jimfitzart. I am proud to tell you how much we here at Yellow Springs love your music, and how well it embellishes the art in the movie. I was complemented with this choice of music, genuine appreciation. You are making me look good, David! So, I thank you again. And I look forward to gettingRead more

People should know! 

I think more people should know how wonderful your music is. I really love your playing and the songs you composed. My husband has said several times how much he enjoys guitar music and how calming it can be. This is how your music is for us! Linda Schroeder, Falls Church, VA (The original Violinda!)

Perfect Music 

It (Timely...) is the perfect music to sit back and enjoy - we found it very soothing, relaxing, uplifting. I gave my sister (who is fighting cancer) the CD (Gently...)that you sent on to her. She loves the music and uses it during her meditation time. I think you are truly gifted and I hope that you are able to spread the joy that you have created. Marilyn and Bob D., Malvern, PA

An Excellent CD 

Thank you for an excellent CD.  Again compliments on your technique. I am envious and wish I had more time to practice. Mick Hinton,  (formerly of Decca Records)                              DAV Electronics Broadhurst Pre Amps,  www.davelectronics.com     Twickenham, United Kingdom

<b>I love this CD!!... elevates to a higher plane</b> 

I love this CD!! The artistic arrangements and skilled guitar playing elevate one to a higher plane of healing and spirituality. The lower strings ground the rich harmonies and lush voicings, as the tender melody lines transport the listener to a place of pure grace and serenity.

Emily Darrigan West Chester, Pennsylvania USA

<b>a delightful collection...uplifting and serene</b> 

I thought I liked solo guitar music until I heard David's CD. Now I realize I LOVE it! "Gently" is a delightful collection of different styles and moods, each one so uplifting and serene. Listening to it transports me to a contemplative state, immediately and effortlessly. The instrumentation adds depth and flavor to the unique melodies. I will never tire of listening to this beautiful music! Reverend Jackie D. Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania USA -

<b>(this)music.. touches the soul </b> 

Brilliantly composed, David Crane's music is a source of joy and inspiration. It calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. I often play "Gently" as background music to stir my creative energies when I write. And the lovely piece "Dream Garden" enhances my web site homepage. David Parkhurst Crane is an inspired artist whose music has the power to touch the soul with its beauty Dr. Mary Beth Ford Author of Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons Kennett Square, Pennsylvania * *Click the following link to hear a

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<b><i>an incredible gift...heavenly music </i></b> 

The beautiful music on this CD brings a meditative calm to the listener and it immediately transports one to a higher plane of consciousness and spiritual awareness. The artist, David Parkhurst Crane, has such an incredible gift from God to convey such a connection with this heavenly music to one's Soul. I listen to this CD daily and am looking forward to any new releases from this blessed and gifted musician!! Jeanette O. Largo, FL USA