Peace in a package..........A wonderfully relaxing collection of quiet guitar music.   But what it brings is so much more.   David is clearly gifted, and his mastery of beautiful harmonies and melody is for your taking, so let this music reach in and bring your peace back to you.  Many people say they listen over and over again either actively or just let it play in the background.   It really is magical how it can help restore serenity to a room or your own consciousness.   You will literally feel the stresses and anxiety begin to peel away.   It's the ultimate in healing music tonality and melody.  We know of no other guitar music that sounds like David's in its ability to restore one's nature and original essence.  An outrageous claim?   Perhaps. Check it out!   This truly is peace in a package.  Technically, it might be called a blend of Chopin, and perhaps Debussy.   In simpler language, it could be called a blending of You and that moment you realize your peace can only be NOW and that you are fully equipt to manifest all your dreams.   The fact remains that what it does for you is no less than what is described here.   There are people who just like you have bought multiple copies of Gently... to give to those they love.   Mothers play it for babies to gently settle them into sleep, grandmothers give it to mothers to help them de-stress and wives just to have it playing and keeping a high level of serenity in the home.   And for the men?   Gently ... reawakens the connection to their true, peaceful essence.   Guitarists have downloaded tablature for Playroom, a song from the CD, thousands and thousands of times.   Why?  It can bring you back to yourself-- gracefully.

David Parkhurst Crane: Gently...
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Guitar music of the highest quality.   Timely... is a blockbuster follow up to David's first album, Gently... Lovely to listen to is really the main description this music carries.  There's over one hour of amazing and harmoniously thrilling nylon stringed guitar pieces.   It's quiet, and not always so quiet guitar, and is accompanied on many pieces by orchestral instruments.  We believe this original music is destined to be among your most peaceful albums and we are very proud to offer it here.  If you want music that is luscious, soothing to the ears and a joy to have in your collection, make sure you get this limited edition first pressing.   It's very classy, world class music. ----- Buy it now! ----Arbor Note Productions


David Parkhurst Crane: Timely...
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